A perfect wedding can come in any size and can be made to fit any budget.

At Cherry Tree Lane Bridal & Formal Boutique, our goal is to ensure that good customer service always comes first, no matter the size of the wedding. Our bridesmaid dresses collection features the most beautiful compliments to any bridal gown from our most famous designers.

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Wedding Perfection

In addition to our stunning bridal gown collections, we also offer bridesmaids dresses as well! A wedding is not complete without a beautiful bridal party, and we love helping brides pick out the perfect dresses to compliment hers on the big day. Book an appointment with us today to find your perfect wedding look.

If there is a specific style that you have in mind or a specific color coordination that suits your wedding motif, our expert bridal consultants will be pleased to assist you with suggestions from our bridesmaid dress designers that will not only fit the style that you desire, but will fit your budget as well.  

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"Cherry Tree Lane is ALWAYS the best!! From a teenage girl picking out her prom dress to picking out my dream wedding dress! Kathryn and her girls are so amazing and helpful!! I couldn't imagine doing business anywhere else!"


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