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Cherry Tree Lane provides one on one bridal appointments where we assist brides in finding the perfect dress for their big day! Our greatest joy is to come alongside brides during this special time to take the pressure off of them so that they can truly enjoy their bridal experience. There is nothing sweeter than when one sees themself as a bride for the very first time, and this experience is always our goal for our brides. We are so honored to be a part of one of life’s most precious moments.

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It is our goal for every bride to enters our salon to find "the one". We want the whole experience to be a celebration of YOU! Each individual bride is unique, and deserves a unique experience. We ensure that each bride receives the attention and care she deserves by always providing one-on-one services to our brides. At Cherry Tree Lane we love getting to know our bride's vision and heart for her bridal experience! 

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What our clients say

"The wedding planning process can be overwhelming and stressful but Cherry Tree Lane and their staff took away the stress and overwhelming feeling of picking out my dream dress. The process was effortless. I love that it is a locally owned shop so I was able to find just what we needed for our perfect day without having to travel far. I can’t thank Cherry Tree Lane and their staff enough for playing such a big role in making sure our big day was perfect!"


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Mr. & Mrs. Wilson

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Mr. & Mrs. Johnson